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Tuesday Becker

Transmedia Storyteller, Producer, Writer

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Building Bridges Between Technology and Storytelling


As a transmedia storyteller based in Pittsburgh, PA, I specialize in creating immersive and interactive narratives that span multiple platforms. With a Masters in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon, I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to engage audiences and bring my stories to life.

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Recent Work

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Hybrid Murder Mystery Experience

Gather your crew and get ready to dive into the dark and dangerous Cyberpunk world of to solve the mystery of Ava Kaine's murder!

"Emma" Animated Music Video

Follow Emma as she takes a journey to rediscover her sense of creativity.

Music by local Pittsburgh Band Brightside

Virtual Worlds

Five unique, multiplatform, and interactive virtual worlds created within two-week sprints with multidisciplinary teams.

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Multipointed Star


Quick Learner:

I'm a dedicated learner who enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. I have a talent for quickly mastering new tools and techniques and using them to create innovative and compelling work.


I work well in diverse environments and enjoy collaborating with different teams to deliver high-quality work. I'm always open to feedback and am comfortable taking on new challenges.


One of my core strengths is creating immersive and engaging narratives that transport audiences to new and exciting worlds. Whether it's through film, animation, interactive media, I'm dedicated to bringing my creative visions to life


Animated Music Video fully rendered in Unreal Engine


Director / Virtual Cinematographer: Tuesday Becker

Environmental Artist: Joy Wang

Character Artist: Sandra Liu

Technical Artist: Rick Ka

Motion-Capture Handler / Animator / Rigger: Sheenu You

When a Song Becomes a Story: A Creative Journey

"This Time" by Brightside

Our project was born out of a student pitch, which gave us the rare gift of complete creative control. Our initial plan was to craft an action-packed sequence using motion capture and Unreal Engine. However, as we began to explore different ideas, we found ourselves drawn to the power of music and its ability to inspire and drive a narrative.

When it came to selecting a song for our project, we found our inspiration in the high-energy beats and captivating lyrics of 'This Time.' As creatives ourselves, we know all too well the feeling of being stuck in a rut, struggling to find the spark of inspiration that will fuel our next project.

But with 'This Time' as our jumping-off point, we were able to tap into the raw emotion and creative energy of the song, and channel it into creating a music video that would bring the song's lyrics to life. It was a thrilling challenge and one that allowed us to push the boundaries of our creativity and hone our skills as visual storytellers.

From Brain to Board: How We Crafted Our Vision

I started my creative process by immersing myself in the song, listening to it on repeat, and jotting down any ideas or images that came to mind. From there, I met Emma – a young woman, much like myself, struggling to find inspiration for her art.

I pictured her in a messy room, standing before an empty canvas with a paintbrush in hand, feeling the weight of her creative block. With this image in mind, I began to sketch out the storyboard for our music video.

As a team, we wanted to have two contrasting worlds and visual styles. In order to incorporate this idea, I decided to set the beginning of the story in Emma's studio apartment, and have her enter an alternate reality.

We also knew that we wanted to utilize motion capture as it was the core exploration of our project. We decided that dynamic motion, such as dancing, would be the best way to link the music and dynamic motion.


Once we had our story firmly in place, our talented artists began creating the visual assets that would breathe life into our two contrasting worlds.

With the final rough storyboard in hand,

I set to work creating an animatic in Premiere. By timing the shots to the music and story beats, we were able to hit our mark and capture the transformative, rediscovery moment that's so crucial to the narrative.

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To further solidify the connection between the music and visuals, I divided the song into its different parts and created a visual script that matched the lyrics to specific images. This helped ensure that every moment of the music video was in sync with the song's narrative and emotional beats.

Final Storyboard:

Storyboard Artist: Zizhuo (Joy) Wang

Directing the Dance: Bringing Emma to Life with Motion Capture

We partnered with a few talented choreographers and modern dancers at Attack Theatre Dance Company in Pittsburgh.

Using a rough shot list, I worked closely with the dancer to create the character's movements for each sequence. We then recorded the dancer's improvised movements in response to the music, giving each shot a dynamic and authentic feel.

Bringing it All Together: Unreal Engine

It was a lengthy process to bring all the components together within the Unreal engine. Our pipeline started with the Lead Animator who refined the motion capture data and sent it to the character modeler to attach to the character rig in Unreal. Then, I took over and placed the animations within the scenes using Unreal's sequencer. As the director, any art asset, VFX, or Animation had to go through me to ensure it was correctly placed within the Sequencer.

To keep the cuts between animations seamless, I utilized various techniques such as camera movements and angles, VFX, lighting, and keyframing visibilities. This required me to get creative and think outside the box, as we had decided to separate the dancer's actions into different captures for efficiency in the pipeline. Overcoming this challenge was one of the biggest accomplishments of the project.

Final Product:

Virtual Worlds

Game Console Controller

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